Why WWE 2K17 is the best WWE Game Ever | Top 10 WWE 2K17 Features that will make you play

The WWE gaming experience has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years since being taken underneath the 2K umbrella, and early indications are that WWE 2K17 Is gonna be the best ever made WWE Game.

So, let's talk about the Top features that we'll get in WWE 2K17.

10. Wrestlemania 31 in day time!

It's makes good sense that WWE hasn't lost their damn mind, day time looks batter.


The WWE 2K17 Creation Suite enables the WWE Universe to customize, build and share their own unique WWE Superstars, Arenas, Entrances, Shows and more. For WWE 2K17, we added new creation features, as well as focused on deepening and providing even more options for existing creation features. For example, we added many more parts, more adjustment options and elements like body hair, all of which add to the game’s massive set of customization options. We also added a full Highlight Replay system, which allows players to record video highlights from their matches. The video content can be used in our new Create a Video feature, which lets players create videos for use in things like custom entrance Titan Tron videos for created Superstars. We also deepened the Create a Show feature and added a brand new Create a Victory feature to ensure everyone can create the most comprehensive WWE experience possible. Whether players build their own worlds or simply expand on existing tools, the power is in their hands.

8.NEW My Career mode

  • MyCareer also gets some exciting new features for WWE 2K17. Like you can be a paul heyman guy. We incorporated the new Promo Engine, so Superstars can express themselves to the WWE Universe and also call out or respond to other WWE Superstars.  Backstage interviews with Renee Young take on a whole new dimension with our new backstage brawling gameplay.  Now more than ever, how a player competes, reacts, what is said and even what attire is worn can make a difference in a Superstar’s journey through the WWE.  At some point, players are also likely to come face to face with Brock Lesnar and his advocate, Paul Heyman.  What happens when confronted by this imposing duo will greatly shape a player’s future career growth in WWE. 

7.Universe Mode Improvements

The WWE 2K series offers enough gameplay options to keep players engaged for months on end, but there is little doubt that Universe Mode is the primary feature that hooks gamers over the long haul.
Universe Mode allows anyone to create their own version of WWE by setting the rosters, shows and pay-per-views, as well as creating whatever rivalries they choose and determining the titleholders. WWE 2K17's signature mode essentially allows gamers to experience what it's like to be owner Vince McMahon.

6.Cool new and unexpectable roosters

Revealed in

  • There is a penchant for going bigger and better with each passing year, and that is especially true when it comes to the roster in WWE 2K17.
  • Along with adding several big names to a WWE video game for the first time, such as AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura, WWE 2K17 features the bulk of the Raw, SmackDown and NXT rosters, as well as many of the biggest legends in wrestling history.

 5.Batter referee

In the last few years the AI referee were suspiciously glitchy but in 2K17, here referee's do many kinds of things and also nice to the law. :)

4.Random moments!

WWE 2K games are cool but the most coolest thing you ever got in the game is the glitches and random moments! There are some OMG Good moments and some glitches in the recent trailers we saw.So, there are no abandoning for glitches in the game.

3. New moves

There are some expectacular new moves in the game,mostly the tag and corner moves has been updated moreover 10+ new moves has been added.Unusual moves included.

2.Back stage battle

In 2K16 and 15 we didn't get the back stage fun,but in the new Ara of WWE, 2K17 bring backs back stage collisions between the match stage too....this is an wonderful wanted feature buy the fan clubs from 2K forum community.

1.Update roosters every time according to the real time changes

The others WWE games had new characters in every series but never had the feature to update every times.
The 2K17 updates the game characters and others things accept for downloading from the store.

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