Best Budget Gaming PC under 30000 TAKA-43000 TAKA 2017-সেভাবে কম টাকায় ভাল গেমিং পিসি তৈরি করা যায়


I have 3 Ideas for You
1.From Old Gaming PC to New
2.PC Under 30,000 TK
3.PC with new parts under 43,000 TK

1.From Old PC to Gaming PC

Making old pc to new You need at least 3rd Generation Motherboards with PCI Express 3.0 or you won't be able to use gtx 1050. If you have 2.0 then you have to install RX 460  
So If you 3rd gen motherboards (h61) 
And You need 8gb Ram

2.Making Gaming PC Under 30,000 TK

So If you want a awesome gaming PC but your budget is low then buy A PC from
But be sure that this PC have at least 3rd Gen Motherboards with PCI express 3.0 and i3 3rd Gen Processor
You can get this kind of PC under 15000/17000 TK then Buy GTX 1050 and your Gaming PC is Ready
And gtx 1050 don't need power connector so a 350W power supply is enough for PC

3.Gaming PC with all new Parts

You need to buy those for this PC

Total 42,500TK

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